Guaranteed results

The PowerPosture™ program uses standard exercise physiology, athletic training, and physical therapy concepts and practices. If you do the PowerPosture™ program as described, with the correct form according to the guidelines described in the tape, it will work - there is no biophysical way it can fail to produce results! No one who has used the PowerPosture™ program has ever said that it did not work , and perceivable results have been reported in as little as 3 days!

However, if you somehow find that your work-related neck, shoulder, and/or upper back pain and fatigue are not reduced, and/or that your posture is not improved after 60 days, doing PowerPosture™ stretching sessions (as described in the videotape) for at least 10 minutes/day, you may return the program for a double money-back refund.


To obtain a refund, explain your situation by calling 1-901-628-9033, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or write to FiTelligence, Inc., P.O. Box 38148, Germantown, TN, 38183-0148. We will be most receptive to your input, because we are constantly striving to make the PowerPosture™ program more effective. We will contact you back, and instruct you where to mail the tape for your refund.