The Power Posture™ Program Is Necessary for Your Best Health, Mental Acuity, and Physical Vigor

You MUST have "power posture" if you desire any or all of the following outcomes:

  1. Have no more fatigue or pain in your neck, shoulders, and back than in any other body area.
  2. Have the maximum functional intelligence possible.
  3. Get your best possible high school, college, and/or graduate school grades and achievement test scores by being able to study effectively for hours, and take long exams without fatigue.
  4. Be the best athlete you can be, in any popularly practiced sport.
  5. Have the most energy and endurance possible for your profession.
  6. Have the flattest stomach possible.  
  7. Be as tall and trim looking as possible.
  8. Lose little or no height as you age.
  9. Look as energetic, vigorous, confident, competent, powerful, youthful, honest, and in-control as possible.

    "Power posture" is simply healthy, mechanically-efficient, and energy-efficient proper posture that is the automatic result of having correctly balanced muscle strengths and flexibilities.  "Power posture" when sitting, standing, walking, and running is:

  1. Your head level and over your shoulders (not jutting out ahead of your chest).
  2. Your earlobes over your shoulder joints over your hip joints, in a plumb line.
  3. Your shoulders back and down, so your collar bones are level (not upward sloping).
  4. Your upper back flat, with your shoulder blades flush with your back (not "winged out").

     If you don't have "power posture", then no matter how motivated or focused you are, or how hard you train physically, or how well you eat, or how much rest you get, you will never be able to achieve your full mental or physical potentials, or any of the 9 outcomes above!  

     Poor posture puts a "glass ceiling" on your physical capabilities by decreasing your overall movement efficiency, your individual muscles' efficiencies, and your available energy.  Poor posture also decreases your intellectual functionality by causing otherwise unnecessary muscle fatigue and pain that interfere with thinking, and using up blood sugar that the brain uses as its primary energy source.

   "Power posture" will enable you to be the best mental and physical person you can be by maximizing your available energy and minimizing your fatigue and pain levels.  And you will never get "text neck", because your head will not be cantilevered out over thin air!  For some people, developing "power posture" has has such positive effects on them that they have called it "life-changing"!

     The Power Posture™ Program reestablishes or maintains the muscle strength and flexibility balances necessary to have "power posture", so that you will always have good posture, automatically, without having to think about it, for the rest of your life!  No other program is designed specifically to do this, or guaranteed to do so, let alone double money-back guaranteed to do so, as is the Power Posture™ Program !

    The combination of proper posture, correct flexibilities, and correct strength balances produced by the Power Posture™ Program increases your physical, mental, and "people" powers in the following ways:

Greater Physical Power:

  1. Have no more pain and fatigue in your neck, shoulders, and upper back than anywhere else in your body, and have less lower back strain.
  2. Feel and function as well as possible, and have maximum energy, strength, and vigor, because your skeleton, muscles and organs operate better with correct bodily alignment.
  3. Reduce your chances of neck, shoulder, upper back, and lower back injuries.
  4. Have more endurance, strength, and athletic ability.
  5. Perform better in virtually all physical activities and sports.

Greater Mental Power:

     You will have greater functional intelligence, and will be more productive in your work or studying, because with less fatigue and pain, and with more energy, you will be able to think more clearly and creatively, and concentrate better and longer.

Greater people power:

1.  Look taller, trimmer, fitter, and have a flatter stomach.  (In fact, without "power posture", your stomach can never be as flat as possible!).

2.  Appear more vigorous, confident, competent, youthful, enthusiastic, energetic, and even more honest.

3.  Make the best first impression possible and be treated with more respect.

4.  Retain your straight posture and lose very little or no height with age.

     "Power posture" is really the good posture most people have as children.  But most people develop a forward jutting head, hunched shoulders, a curved back, and a sunken chest over time because so many of our jobs and activities are performed bent over, while reaching down or forward.  Few people's activity programs are designed to counteract these posture-worsening influences, and some (like incorrect weight training) can actually make posture worse.

     Worsening posture with age is common, but there is no research evidence that posture has to get worse with normal aging.  Unless there is a degenerative spinal disease present, most people could stand just as straight at age 80 as at age 20 if they made the right lifestyle and activity choices during their life.  And with straight posture, in the absence of specific damage to the spine, height loss with age should be minimal.  (In the 45 years since he reached his full adult height, the developer of the PowerPosture™ Program, Dr. Christman, has not lost any height at all).

     The many performance advantages of having proper posture as the result of having correctly balanced muscle strengths and flexibilities make the maintenance of such correct posture absolutely worthwhile throughout life!

     The PowerPosture™ Program will give you that correct posture in as little as 6 to 10 minutes per day, and no more than 40 minutes per day for the most posturally stressful occupations and lifestyles.  And it will make it easy for you to maintain that posture for the rest of your life!

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