Find out if you need the PowerPosture™ Program


If you agree with any of the following statements, you need the PowerPosture™ Program!

  • I would like to decrease or eliminate the work-related or lifestyle-related pain and fatigue in my neck, shoulders, and back.
  • I would like to reduce my chances of ever needing medical or surgical treatment for spinal problems.
  • I would like to avoid getting a "dowager's hump" at the base of my neck.
  • I would like to gain back some or all of the height I have lost over the years.
  • I have lower back problems, but have never improved my upper back and head posture to minimize the stress on my lower back.
  • I would like to have a flatter stomach.
  • I would like to look trimmer, and pounds lighter, with better posture and a flatter stomach.
  • My stomach protrudes more than it should, despite my doing many abdominal exercises.
  • I don't like how my posture is getting worse, thickening my waist and making me look "older".
  • I work out regularly, but my workouts have not improved my posture or my upper body flexibility.
  • I would like to concentrate better by having less fatigue and pain and more energy, so that I can be more productive at work and at everything else I do.
  • I would like to have straight posture without having to think about it, to always look trim, fit, energetic, vigorous, competent, confident, enthusiastic, respectable, and honest.
  • I would like to have "automatic" good posture so that I make the best possible first impression on people.
  • I would like for my appearance to say that I have self-respect, so that people will give me more respect.
  • I would like to perform better in physical activities and sports, with more speed, endurance, strength, jumping ability, and vertical reach.
  • I want to maintain as much energy, vigor, and physical work capacity as possible as I age.
  • High-level athletic performance at my current age is important to me.
  • I have temporomandibular joint problems, and would like to reduce them by curing my forward jutting head and rounded shoulders.

     The PowerPosture™ Program will address all of these needs or problems by developing the appropriate balances of muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion necessary to give you "automatic" good posture.  Since muscle flexibility-based and strength-based posture increases physical, mental, and interpersonal powers, it truly is "power posture"!