What Is the PowerPosture Program?



The PowerPosture™ Program:

  1.  Was specifically designed to cure lifestyle-induced and/or work-induced forward head, rounded-shouldered posture, or prevent it from occurring.

  2.  Is a short, simple, and safe stretching and strengthening program.

  3.  Is comprised of 12 exercises, divided into 2 groups that are alternated from session to session.

  4.  Takes only 6-10 minutes for each session of 6 exercises.

  5.  Exercises are placed in a specific sequence to optimize synergy between the exercises, working from larger muscle groups down to smaller groups.

  6.  Exercise sessions can be performed up to 4 times per day, depending upon how much postural stress a person experiences per day, and how much postural correction is desired.  Session frequency approximations:

1x/day    - Normal lifestyle and/or work stress; and posture is currently close to proper

2-3x/day - Moderate postural stress lifestyle [extensive desk/computer work, assembly line, taking care of babies/toddlers]; and/or posture is currently significantly forward head and round-shouldered

4x/day    - High postural stress lifestyle [surgeons, dentists, etc.]; and/or posture is currently extremely forward head and round-shouldered

  7.  Produces visible postural improvement within in 3-5 days; maximal possible improvement occurs in less than 6 months, even if posture is extremely poor.

  8.  Develops "automatic" proper posture that is maintained at all times without conscious thought.

  9.  Can prevent the development of lifestyle-induced forward head, rounded-shouldered posture in anyone, in any profession or in any sport, who desires:
a.  lifelong good back health
b.  efficient function of their organs
c.  the most physical strength, endurance, and overall energy possible
d.  the greatest possible functional intelligence (via fatigue and pain avoidance)

10.  Prevents postural worsening during normal (nondiseased) aging - posture can be as straight at age 80 as at age 15 or 20.  (Dr. Christman, the developer of the PowerPosture™ Program, has the same straight posture and is the same 191 cm tall at age 63 as at age 23).

11.  Can be performed by anyone from about age 6 on (with adult supervision), with no upper age limit.

The PowerPosture™ Program exercises reliably and quickly reestablish good posture by reversing the muscle strength losses and flexibility losses that occur in the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, chest, stomach, and back of the legs when a person has lifestyle-induced and/or work-induced poor posture.  (Basically, poor posture not caused by a specific degenerative disease of the spine.)  If their activities have not yet affected a person's posture, the PowerPosture™exercises can prevent that person from developing poor posture.

The PowerPosture™ Program is not designed to, and it cannot, cure poor posture caused by osteoporosis-related spinal fracturing.  The Program should not be used by people who have significant bone density deficits (osteopenia) unless monitored by a qualified physician and physical therapist who have the correct diagnostic tools available to assess bone density and the spine's condition. 

Under normal circumstances, the PowerPosture™ Program can be used by anyone who is old enough to understand exercise instructions and do the exercises exactly as described.  The lower age limit for being able to accurately follow an adult's guidance in doing the PowerPosture™ exercises is about age 6, which is fortunate because by 6, these days many children's posture is already getting worse!