Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to the effort to maintain "power posture" throughout my life?

"Power posture" is proper posture that "automatically" and naturally occurs when one has properly balanced muscle strengths and flexibilities.  The combination of correct muscle strengths, muscle flexibilities, and correct posture very effectively prevent, eliminate, or greatly reduce the neck, shoulder, and upper back fatigue and pain problems that people so commonly have.  Unless a specific, degenerative spinal disease develops, a person can maintain these correct muscle balances and correct posture their entire life, thereby having a lifetime without job-induced or lifestyle-induced neck, shoulder, and/or back fatigue and pain!  And since muscle fatigue and pain indicate muscle overload that is also overloading the spine, avoiding muscle overload by having "power posture" means less loading of the spine, reducing the development of arthritis and intervertebral disc degeneration, for a healthier back your entire life!     

What other materials or facilities do I need to do the PowerPosture™ Program?

None!  PowerPosture™ is a clear, easy-to-follow, complete, stand-alone educational system.  All you need to do the program is a place to sit and lie down - no weights or other equipment are necessary.  However, the last section of the Program does deal with weight training, so that people who lift weights will be sure to have a "posture friendly" program which will improve their posture, rather than worsen it.

Do I really need PowerPosture™ ?   Couldn't I just improve my posture by reminding myself to stand straight all the time?

Simply reminding yourself to stand and sit straight might eventually give you straight posture, but it is not certain, and it will take months, at best.  And such "braced" good posture does not reestablish the proper flexibility and muscle balance which you need to function your best.  To quickly improve your posture, flexibility, and strength, and thereby reduce your fatigue and pain, you must actively alter your muscles' flexibilities and strengths back to normal.  The PowerPosture™ Program makes these alterations very quickly, with postural improvement and fatigue reduction beginning within 3-5 days of starting the exercises!

How quickly can the 
PowerPosture™ exercises have an effect?

Dentists using the program have reported improved running posture and less pain and fatigue in as little as 3 days!  Each individual's improvement depends upon her/his age; how much they need to improve their posture, flexibility, and strength; and how often they do the PowerPosture™ exercises.  Anyone who does the program regularly will improve - biophysically, there is no way these exercises could fail to produce positive changes.  That is why the program is guaranteed to make you feel and/or look better in 60 days or less.

How can I have the discipline to do the 
PowerPosture™ Program?

Think the following thoughts if you feel your PowerPosture™ discipline faltering:

"This is adding a good habit, which is a lot easier to than deleting a bad habit."

"I am disciplined enough to do things like go to work everyday, plan for the future, have insurance and long-term savings, watch my weight, exercise to keep myself fit, and pay attention to what I eat and drink to not put unhealthy foods into my body.  Therefore, I certainly am disciplined enough to do 6 to 10 minutes of stretching 1 to 4 times every day, stretching that makes me feel better now and will continue to do so in the future."

"I want to demonstrate to my children that they can control their physical destiny; and that they can decide to do something and carry that change through, rather than just accept their current situation."

"I have one life to live.  I want to live it as well as I can, with the best physical function, the least pain, and the best mental function I can.  The cost of getting "power posture" is only 6-10 min per session, 1-4 sessions/day, 5-6 days/week, and for this investment I will get back:

      1. Better physical performance on my job because of less fatigue and pain;
      2. Better physical performance athletically in any sport in which I participate;
      3. Less loss of physical capacity as I age;
      4. Better thinking ability because of less fatigue and pain;
      5. Better interpersonal power because of my better appearance, which inspires greater confidence in other people and tends to make them respect me more"

So it is definitely worth doing my PowerPosture™ exercises every day!"