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  • Kids who carry heavy bags or play sports need PowerPosture™
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PowerPosture™ For Surgeons And Surgical Assistants

The development of a "surgeon's hunch" over time, along with pain, fatigue, and injury problems in the neck, shoulders, and back, are testimonies to the physical stresses of performing surgery, and are disturbingly common throughout the surgical profession. Until now, no effective, easy, short, and inexpensive program has existed which could prevent, eliminate, or even reduce these problems. But now, there is PowerPosture™!

(To find out how effective the U. S. Military believes the PowerPosture™ program could be in improving posture and head and upper body support, go to the end of this page! The bottom line is that, if PowerPosture™ can improve neck, shoulder, and upper back performance in fighter pilots who have to tolerate 8 g loads, and helicopter pilots and infantry wearing helmets with heavy electronic gear attached to them, it can certainly help you cope with the physical stresses of surgical practice!)

How and why PowerPosture™ will help Surgeons, surgical assistants, and office staff:

  • The physical stresses of performing surgery mimic the biophysical stresses of forward head, round-shouldered posture. If you have this poor posture, you magnify the effects of those physical stresses on you. If you allow your posture to get worse with age, that further weakens your neck, shoulders, and back, making it more difficult to hold proper posture, leading to further postural worsening, and so on in a vicious cycle.
  • To maximize your ability to tolerate the physical stresses of performing surgery, optimal spinal biomechanics, muscle support, and muscle flexibility should be developed and maintained. The PowerPosture™ program will enable you do to this!

The stretching and strengthening exercises of the PowerPosture™ program will reduce the effects of the physical stresses of surgery because they:

  • Position the head and shoulders for best biomechanical support.
  • Strengthen the muscles necessary to support the head and shoulders.
  • Stretch out the chest and anterior shoulder muscles against which the back and posterior shoulder muscles have to work to hold the head and shoulders up.

The PowerPosture™ stretching exercises reestablish normal muscle flexibility and muscle strength balances. This will cure forward head, round-shouldered posture, and give you back your youthful, straight posture. But more importantly, no matter how good or bad your posture is, these exercises will reduce the effects of the physical stresses of surgery on you, and increase your physical ability to tolerate them. And better posture will benefit your image with patients and the general public.

Office staff who spend a lot of time performing sedentary work will also have less pain and fatigue or even eliminate it. They will be more productive and look better with the better postural alignment produced by PowerPosture™ exercises.

In short, with the PowerPosture™ program, you will:

  • Prevent, reduce, or even cure neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and fatigue.
  • Reduce your chances of neck, shoulder, and back injuries by reducing the chronic muscle tension and overload in these areas.
  • Reestablish proper, head-up posture with correct upper body flexibility and muscle strength balances, to regain lost height, look better, flatten your stomach, feel better, and perform better in virtually all physical activities and sports.

Since the PowerPosture™ program addresses underlying causes rather than just symptoms, it is a potential cure rather than just temporary pain relief. (However, a number of the exercises can be used to provide acute, symptomatic relief, too.) Long term physical therapy can also be curative, but it is expensive. PowerPosture™ costs only $39.95 per VHS tape or $49.95 for a DVD (less in large quantities), so it is result- and cost-effective! If your pain and fatigue are so bad that you have spent (i.e., wasted) money and time on temporary treatments for your neck, shoulder, and back pain and fatigue, please try PowerPosture™!

PowerPosture™ users have reported improvements in pain, fatigue, and running posture within 3 days of beginning to use it.

The PowerPosture™ program is so effective that despite the high level of chronic physical stress in surgery, the same guarantee applies as to the general public. That is, PowerPosture™ is money-back guaranteed to improve your pain and fatigue problems and/or your posture within 60 days, if you do the stretching at least every other day for 10-15 minutes! Try PowerPosture™ - you have nothing to lose but your pain and poor posture, and much to gain, now and in the future!


At the urging of several dentist friends, I submitted PowerPosture™ to Dental Products Report and Dental Lab Products for coverage as a new dental product. The reports were carried in the November, 1998 issues of these publications.

The February and April 1999 issues of Surgical Products also had editorials on PowerPosture™ as a treatment for back pain, and a product review in the April issue.

Runner's World magazine reviewed and reccommended PowerPosture™ in the Health and Fitness section of the May 1999 issue. And Triathlete magazine reviewed and recommended Power Posture in the Indus-Tri section of the April 2000 issue.


A U. S. Navy evaluation has recently concluded that PowerPosture™ exercises should be implemented service-wide as a part of the daily prescribed physical training program. The Army and Air Force evaluations are not complete yet.

The U.S. Military's recognition of the need to improve head and upper body load-bearing capacity through improved muscle flexibility, appropriate muscle strength balances, and biomechanics has been recognized by Dr. Christman's being invited to give the following presentation on head and upper body load-bearing:

Christman, John V. A proposal to add specific stretching and strengthening exercises to current military physical training to improve the load-carrying capacity of the head and upper body. Presented at the Fifth Annual Uniformed Service Recruit and Trainee Healthcare Symposium, Naval Hospital Beaufort, South Carolina, April 28-May 1, 1999. (The course syllabus can be found on the home page.)



If PowerPosture™ can improve neck, shoulder, and upper back performance in the fighter pilots pulling 8 g turns, helicopter pilots and infantry wearing helmets with heavy electronic gear attached to them, it can certainly help you cope with the physical stresses of surgical practice!