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PowerPosture™ For Dentists, Dental Hygienists, And Dental Assistants

Serious neck, shoulder, and upper back pain, fatigue, and injury problems, as well as posture so poor that it affects general physical performance, are disturbingly common throughout the dental profession. Forced early retirement due to neck, shoulder, and back problems is a frequent occurrence in dentistry.

All the years of training, skill acquisition, and capital investment are worth nothing if you can't hold up to the physical demands of dental practice and then retire healthfully. A dentist friend of mine's chiropractor told him that "100% of dentists have or will have these problems." This may be a facetious exaggeration, but not by much!

Until now, no effective, easy, and inexpensive program to prevent, reduce, or eliminate these problems has existed. But now, there is PowerPosture™! In over 2 years of worldwide sales, including dentists, dental hygienists, and dental lab technicians, no one has ever requested a refund or claimed that the program did not help them!

How and why PowerPosture™ will help dental professionals:

The unavoidable postural and positional stresses of dental patient treatment mimic the biophysical stresses of forward head, round-shouldered posture. If you have poor posture, you magnify the effects of those physical stresses on you. And if you allow your posture to get worse with age, that further weakens your neck, shoulders, and back, making it more difficult to hold proper posture, leading to further postural worsening, and so on in a vicious cycle.

To maximize your ability to tolerate the physical stresses of dentistry, optimal spinal biomechanics, muscle support, and muscle flexibility should be developed and maintained. The PowerPosture™ program will enable you do to this!

The stretching and strengthening exercises of the PowerPosture™ program will reduce the effects of the physical stresses of dentistry because they:

  • Position the head and shoulders for best biomechanical support.
  • Strengthen the muscles necessary to support the head and shoulders.
  • Stretch out the chest and anterior shoulder muscles against which the back and posterior shoulder muscles have to work when holding the head and shoulders up.

The PowerPosture™ stretching exercises reestablish normal muscle flexibility and muscle strength balances. This will cure forward head, round-shouldered posture, and give you back your youthful, straight posture. But more importantly, no matter how good or bad your posture is, these exercises will reduce the effects of the physical stresses of dentistry on you, and increase your physical ability to tolerate them. And better posture will benefit your image with patients and the general public.

Dental lab technicians and office staff will also have less pain and fatigue, will be more productive, and will look better, with the better postural alignment produced by PowerPosture™ exercises.

In short, with the PowerPosture™ program, you will:

  • Prevent, reduce, or even cure neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and fatigue.
  • Reduce your chances of neck, shoulder, and back injuries by reducing the chronic muscle tension and overload in these areas.
  • Reestablish proper, head-up posture with correct upper body flexibility and muscle strength balances, so you will regain lost height, look better, flatten your stomach, feel better, and perform better in virtually all physical activities and sports.

Remember that the PowerPosture™ program is designed to address the problems' underlying causes (rather than just the symptoms), so it is a curative program rather than just temporary pain relief. However, a number of the exercises can indeed be used to provide acute, symptomatic relief, too. Long-term physical therapy can also be curative, but it is expensive. PowerPosture™ costs only $49.95 per tape (less in large quantities), so it is result- and cost-effective!

If your neck, shoulder, and/or back pain and fatigue are so bad that you have felt it necessary to spend money and time on temporary treatments for them, please try PowerPosture™!

Dentists have reported improvements in pain, fatigue, and running posture within 3 days of beginning the program.

The program is so effective that despite the high level of chronic physical stress in dentistry, the same guarantee applies as to the general public. That is, PowerPosture™ is double money-back guaranteed to improve your pain and fatigue problems and/or your posture within 60 days, if you do the stretching every day for only 10-15 minutes! So try PowerPosture™ - you will lose nothing but your pain and poor posture, and gain much, now and in the future!


The following dental practice perspective on PowerPosture™ was written by a faculty member in the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry who has upper back and neck problems himself, and who treats TMD patients. Based upon his personal and clinical experiences using PowerPosture™ and after reviewing the current literature, he wrote the following review:

It is generally recognized that dentists and their staff suffer from musculoskeletal disorders affecting their upper thoracic and cervical spine and its musculature. Many epidemiological studies have identified these as pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders; headaches; low back pain; occupational burnout; and peripheral neuropathy in the upper limbs and neck. Although there are many studies identifying these conditions, there are very few sources of information on how to do proper stretching and strengthening exercises to help the busy dentist and staff to overcome these problems.

Now, there is an easy-to-follow, gentle, and comprehensive program on videotape that meets these needs – PowerPosture™ . The 10 to 15 minutes daily to do this program could allow it to be done during regular office hours. This program can increase your productivity while improving your sense of well-being.

Numerous national and international studies have identified forward head, round-shouldered posture as a temporomandibular disorders (TMD) cofactor. It is recognized that cervical and upper thoracic examination (range of motion, tenderness on palpation, pain referral, etc.) should be part of a thorough TMD examination. It is also recognized that if positive findings are revealed, they should be addressed as part of a multidisciplinary treatment plan. These usually include stretching, strengthening, and relearning postural habits. The PowerPosture™ program addresses all 3 of these factors in a concise, easy-to-understand and gentle approach which can cure forward head posture, and reestablish proper upper body posture, flexibility and range of motion. Thus the TMD practitioner can now prescribe an inexpensive, thorough, and easy-to-learn videotape to help his or her patients. General practitioners can also prescribe this tape for those patients who exhibit forward head posture and who are thus at risk for developing TMD.

(I realize that there is controversy within the TMD treatment field as to causes and treatments. However, if you believe that forward head, round-shouldered posture either causes or contributes to TMD and should be treated, PowerPosture™ will provide you with an inexpensive, simple, and effective treatment modality!)


It was at the urging of the dentist who wrote the above evaluation, as well as several other dentist friends, that I submitted PowerPosture™ to Dental Products Report and Dental Lab Products for coverage as a new dental product. The reports were carried in the November, 1998 issues of these publications:

  • Dental Dek ran the article, "Addressing Dental Professionals' Neck and Back Pain" by Dr Christman, as its November, 2000 Expert Forum article.
  • The February and April 1999 issues of Surgical Products had editorials on PowerPosture™, and a product review in the April issue.

The following sport magazines have reviewed and recommended PowerPosture™ as a training aid for their respective sports:

  • Runner's World, May 1999, in the Health and Fitness section
  • Triathlete, April 2000, in the Indus-Tri section
  • Fitness Swimmer, Sept/Oct 2000, in the feature article, "Straighten Up and Swim Faster"

In the Spring, 2000 issue of Point to Point, the Federal Express Pilots' Association quarterly magazine, David Wells, the Association's Safety Committee Chairman, recommended PowerPosture™ for reduction of back problems in pilots, after personally testing the program himself and making it a part of his daily fitness routine.


An evaluation in 1999 and a reevaluation in 2001 by the U. S. Navy concluded that PowerPosture™ exercises should be implemented service-wide as a part of the daily prescribed physical training program, to improve head and upper body load-bearing capacity and thereby improve battlefield performance!

As the result of the first evaluation, Dr. Christman was invited to give the following presentation:

Christman, John V. A proposal to add specific stretching and strengthening exercises to current military physical training to improve the load-carrying capacity of the head and upper body. Presented at the Fifth Annual Uniformed Service Recruit and Trainee Healthcare Symposium, Naval Hospital Beaufort, South Carolina, April 28-May 1, 1999. (The course syllabus can be found on the home page.)


PowerPosture™ will help everyone in your dental practice to look better, feel better, and be more productive. For you and your staff, why would you not want everyone to have straight, youthful posture, and have minimal practice-related pain and fatigue? And remember, every dental professional who has tried the program has kept it - not a single return or complaint in over 2 years! So order PowerPosture™ today- you will be similarly pleased!