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PowerPosture™ For Computer Operators, Programmers, and Computer Users

PowerPosture™ Can Improve the Productivity and Quality of Life of Computer Professionals

Neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and fatigue are widespread problems with people who use computers extensively. These problems are productivity killers, because:

  • Any pain interferes with concentration and creativity.
  • Fatigue obviously curtails how long you can work effectively.
  • Pain affects on-the-job attitude, perceived job satisfaction, and your home life quality if your pain continues even after leaving work.

If you could reduce or eliminate all upper body pain and fatigue, think how much better your productivity would be in both quality and quantity! And in today's slowing economy, optimized productivity to assure job retention and advancement must be considered a high professional priority.

Before now, there was no program which would reliably and quickly reduce or cure neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and fatigue. But now, the PowerPosture™ exercises give you the ability to cure these problems because these exercises attack the primary underlying biophysical cause of those problems: the forward head, round – shouldered, hunching posture which most desk workers develop over time.

Why over 95% of adults have forward head, round shouldered posture, and the physical problems which accompany it:

  • Almost all adults have poor posture to some degree, so it is a widespread problem. Yet there is no medical evidence that posture has to get worse with normal aging. So why is it so prevalent?
  • Since the first grade, you have been working at a desk, with the tendency to slouch forward. Gradually, your muscles adopted that position permanently, some muscles lengthening, others shortening, so you have developed "structural" poor posture.

With poor posture your muscles are much less efficient, plus they are working at a biomechanical disadvantage, so they have to work harder all the time and you feel strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. ("Stress" is not the cause of these problems, but it can make them worse because any tension hits already-overworked muscles hardest).

So the cure for your neck, shoulder, and back pain and fatigue is the following sequence of events:

  • Reacquire your normal upper body muscle flexibilities and strength balances, so the muscles can work efficiently.
  • This normalized (i.e., improved) flexibility and strength will pull your head and shoulders back, and you will develop "automatic" good posture.
  • Your greater muscle strength working against more flexible muscles (#1), plus the reduced effort necessary to hold yourself up when you have proper posture (#2), work together synergistically to reduce or (more usually) eliminate your work – related neck, shoulder, and back problems.

How can you accomplish this cure? With just 10 minutes of daily PowerPosture™ stretching. And once your posture is better and your pain is cured, you can even reduce this time to just a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

For a one page summary of why any business person would want to do the PowerPosture™ exercises, please read the article on PowerPosture™ and business people. These reasons certainly also apply to computer users.

To learn more about the many specific changes in muscle and organ function which occur with poor posture, please read the Runners, Swimmers, or Triathletes articles on the "Who Can Benefit" page. You will be surprised at how extensive the problems are. If you who work out to any degree, understanding these problematic changes will further motivate you to add the PowerPosture™ exercises to your workout routine! Your strength, endurance, speed, and general physical performance will all be improved by these exercises!

You may be tempted to think that you don't need a specific exercise program to reestablish good posture, that you can "just think about it and do it". But this process seldom works, because good posture alone will only very slowly correct muscle imbalances, and it will not reestablish proper range of motion and muscle flexibility. And when a person invariably stops thinking about posture and slips back into poor posture, they undo some of their progress. The only time – effective, assured way to cure for forward head posture and its associated biophysical changes, and to develop "automatic" good posture, is an active exercise program like PowerPosture™!




There isn't one downside effect of the changes which the PowerPosture™ program will make in you – you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose but your pain, fatigue, and poor posture! And remember that the program is double money-back guaranteed to improve posture and/or reduce neck, shoulder, and/or back pain and fatigue in 60 days or less if you do the program for at least 10 minutes per day. But in over 2 years of international sales, no one has ever requested a refund or claimed that the program didn't work for them!

So if you want a painfree upper body and better posture, and are willing to take just 10 minutes a day to achieve them, order PowerPosture™ now – your career, quality of life, health, and physical abilities will all be the better for it!