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Business Benefits of the Program

© 2013, John Christman, Ph.D, - Biophysicist / Exercise Physiologist

   The PowerPosture™ Program will enable you, individually, to have a more successful career; or to have a more productive and happy workforce if you are an employer.  The Program increases people's mental and physical productivities, and gives them more interpersonal impact, all of which increase their ability to handle the increasing volume of increasingly complex work in today's business world.  Here's how:


   First, any fatigue or pain are business productivity killers, because these problems reduce concentration, worsen on-the-job attitude, and decrease job satisfaction, job longevity, and home life quality.  PowerPosture™ exercises increase productivity, because they:

  1. Reduce or eliminate neck, shoulder, and upper back fatigue and pain from "job stress" or the physical demands of a job, resulting in a better attitude, greater concentration,  greater mental acuity and creativity, less absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, and less employee turnover.

  2. Reduce lower back stress as the result of the better upper body posture.  Existing lower back problems will improve, and the risk for future injuries will be less.  (Critical note on lower back training programs: Lower back health or lifting safety programs which do not address upper body posture will never maximally reduce injuries or health care costs!  The PowerPosture™ Program can provide the missing aspect of postural
    training necessary to have maximally effective lower back health and safety training!)

  3. Increase available energy due to generally more efficient muscle function, and reduced energy expenditure for breathing.

         Note: Because slumping, forward head posture unavoidably increases fatigue development, anyone with poor posture will unavoidably and frequently be unable to fully utilize their full mental capacities.  To achieve optimal functional intelligence, muscle flexibility- and strength-based proper posture (as developed by the PowerPosture™ Program) is a necessary underpinning!    


     SecondPowerPosture™ users present a better image to everyone - more healthy, trim, energetic, vigorous, competent, confident, positive, enthusiastic, respectable and honest - because they:

  1. Have straight, correct posture automatically, without having to think about it, so the first impression they make is always the best possible one!

  2. Gain back some or all of the height they have lost over the years.

  3. Look trimmer because of better posture and a flatter stomach. (In fact, proper posture as developed by PowerPosture™ must be present to have the flattest stomach possible!)

  4. Project self-respect, eliciting reciprocal respect from others.


   ThirdPowerPosture™ use improves performance and decreases injury risk in virtually all physical activities and sports.  Speed, endurance, strength, vertical reach, and vertical jump will improve.  Better performance and lower injury risk will increase the likelihood of enjoying activity and sticking with a fitness program, and thereby continuing to benefit from the positive mental and physical effects of regular exercise.


   And fourthPowerPosture™ users have a generally better attitude about life and work because of the above changes.  Coworkers and customers react better to this positive attitude, increasing the chances of successful product development and sales.


     In this economy, it certainly makes sense to do everything reasonable to enhance your personal business performance, or to enhance the mental and physical capabilities of your employees or coworkers so that they can do better for themselves as well as for the company.  Give the many mental and physical benefits of the PowerPosture™ Program, plus the minimal time commitment to do the exercises, it certainly qualifies as a "reasonable" program for any success-oriented business person, or business, to do!