PowerPosture™ DVD Video

PowerPosture™ DVD
$49.95 each

PowerPosture™ DVDThe PowerPosture™ program is the first widely available, concise, easy-to-understand stretching and strengthening program specifically designed to produce PowerPosture™, and give you all the benefits which come from proper posture, flexibility, and muscle strength balances.

The PowerPosture™ exercise program consists of 12 stretching and strengthening exercises, which:

  • Take only 10 to 15 minutes per day to produce "Power Posture", and then will take only about 5 minutes a day to maintain it.
  • Are gentle, easy to understand, and easy to do - almost anyone can do them.
  • Can be done anytime and anywhere you have a surface to lie down on.
  • Can also be used almost anywhere to provide quick relief from pain, tightness, and strain, and to reinforce proper posture and flexibility.
  • Two of the exercises were invented specifically for this program, and the arm position of a third, very common exercise was redesigned to make it safer and more effective.

The PowerPosture™ exercises stretch and/or strengthen muscles of the neck, shoulders, chest, upper and lower back, and stomach. They:

  • Reestablish normal neck, shoulder, chest, and back flexibility.
  • Lengthen muscles which have become too short as the result of poor posture,
  • sedentary living, and hunched over activities.
  • Strengthen muscles which the same causes have made too weak to maintain correct postural alignment.

The results from using PowerPosture™

The result of these flexibility and strength improvements is proper, straight, efficient, painfree posture, which you will be able to hold all the time, "automatically", without having to think about it! You will look better, and perform better in virtually all activities due to regained neck, shoulder, chest, and back flexibility and strength, and due to the more efficient muscle function you have with correct posture. These improvements in flexibility, strength, and efficiency reduce back, neck, and upper spine loading, reducing the constant muscular stress which so many people feel in the neck, shoulders, and back. Less muscular stress and overload means less injury risk in the neck, back, and shoulders, now and in the future.

The advantage of PowerPosture™ over most upper body pain and fatigue treatments is that it addresses the underlying causes of the problems, so it is a potential cure rather than just a temporary pain reliever. Long term physical therapy can also be curative, but it is expensive. PowerPosture™ costs only $49.95 per tape, so it is very result-effective as well as cost-effective!